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Note: Applicant should search for the status of PAN application using Name and Date Of Birth 24 hours after the application has been submitted online or through TIN-FC

Definition Of Pan Card :

Pan Card is a unique identification number issued by Government of India with alpha numeric codes under the Income Tax India Act 1961 to all the entities identifiable by IT law. This Pan Card India is equivalent to National identification Number and it serves as an important identity proof. The Pan Card India has its first five characters as letters followed by 4 numbers and last being yet again a letter. Pan card details the name of the assessee, his or her date of birth, his or her father’s name, photo of the same and signature of the assessee.

Uses Of Pan Card :

Pan Card Information is of great use in many financial transactions across India. The uses are listed below:-

  • Pan card details should be furnished on tax returns, any correspondence to It department and on challans for payment to the IT department.
  • On sale or purchase of immovable property valued at 5, 00,000 or more, the PAN card Information of both the parties have to be disclosed in the document of sale and purchase deed.
  • Deposits of amount more than or 50000 is made by an individual into any banking organisation or Post office savings scheme the Pan card details are required to be furnished.
  • Contract of sale or purchase of securities such as shares, debentures, bonds, derivatives, units and government securities exceeding the value of rupees 1 lakh is liable to produce the Pan Card information.
  • Application for opening a bank account, getting a telephone or mobile connection, application for issuance of credit card are transactions for which the Pan Card details are a must.
  • Any cash payment beyond the limit of Rs 50,000 for purchase of bank drafts, pay orders or bankers cheque during a single day brings up the necessity to put up the Pan Card Information of the individual or firm.
  • Payments to bills exceeding Rs 25,000 to hotels or restaurants at any single point will have the assessee to show the Pan Card details.

Importance And Benefits Of Pan Card :

The Pan Card India is a very important identity proof that gives the identification to an individual as a citizen of India. Pan Card is unaffected by the address change even within the states of India unlike the Ration Card, Passport etc. Pan Card details helps in tracking the high value transactions and it ensures that all financial transactions are within the fore loom of the tax laws of India.

How To Apply For Pan Card? :

The IT department has ensured that applying for a Pan card is a simple and convenient procedure. All we need is to submit the Application Form No. 49A. The Pan card India application can be downloaded from the website of UTI Investor Services Ltd or from the website of National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) or printed by local printers or photocopied (on A4 size 70 GSM paper). The form is also available at IT PAN Service Centres and TIN Facilitation Centres. The filled in applications are to be submitted at the nearest IT PAN Service Centre or TIN Facilitation Centre along with the requisite fee. The location of such centres can be searched online