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After applying for a PAN card, the next job with the applicant is the verification of details.  Latest status can be obtained from official website of Income Tax department. By clicking on the link and filling up simple details, one can get the latest status of his/her PAN card. If the PAN card issued, the validity and verification of the details mentioned therein can be done through entering the PAN card number in the URL of concerned department.  UTI, NSDL and other websites are providing links to verify your PAN card details.  Except official website of the department, other home pages of various websites brought the user to the connected pages of PAN card verification for further use.  To verify the PAN card details, user will have to follow simple steps

By Entering Pan Number

Take following steps

 1. Click the official website of NSDL. “
2. Click on select tab and click CHALLAN NO. /ITNS 280.
3. Fill the form displayed as per onscreen instructions. After competing with Bank account Number, address etc, submit this form.
4. Finally in the screen shot, the PAN  card holder name will be displayed. 

By Entering Date Of Birth or Name

1. Click on the site “ “.
2. You will be asked to fill the First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.  Please remember your name sequence as applied in form. Click on submit button.
Finally the PAN number will be displayed on screen.  All the details will also be displayed at same time.  One can match these and satisfy him/.herself.   Father’s name will also be asked to verify from the records held at NSDL data bank.